Nikki is not confirming ALL the American sterotypes.

So it’s Friday morning. I’m the only one awake. (It’s about 10 AM here – 4 AM at home.) There are (for some reason :S ) British cartoons on the television, and I’ve officially been here since Monday.

Just stating the facts.

It’s been a bit of a crazy couple days, but London is, in a word, AMAZING. We had a few days of Arcadia orientation (the American program) but enough time to start exploring London (and start going out).

What happened these past few days? A pretend liveblog:

Sun 12 September – Monday 13 September

-Attempted to sleep on the plane
-Did better than most
-Found 3 Northwestern-UCL people on my flight
-Arrived in London
-Legally made it through immigration (champ)
-Got to amazing flat
-Went to Orientation
-Ate fish and chips
-Went to the pub across the street
-Explored UCL’s campus in the middle of the night

Tuesday 14 September

-Arcadia orientation
-Saw: St. Peters, Millenium bridge, Globe Theatre, Tate Modern
-Went out even though it was a Tuesday and Brits apparently don’t go out on Tuesdays
-Ended up at one of the strangest places I have ever been (there were horse stalls involved)
-Made it home somehow (the streets here are a mess!)

Wednesday 15 September

-More orientation
-Walked around London
-Found the grocery store and pharmacy (champ)
-Went to Billy Elliot (Awesome)
-Stayed in and had flatmate bonding

Thursday 16 September

-Was a tourist
-Saw the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace (kind of). Got bored halfway through
-Saw a few of the parks, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Eye of London, National Portrait Gallery
-Actually took pictures
-Went “out” out

I can’t remember everything (already) because I’m such a fail, but that’s an outline. I wanted to write an awesome entry full of commentary and how awesome the tube is, how stupid the London weather is, how much the Brits suck at regulating the temperature of anything, how British children are the cutest things on the planet and how much I don’t want to come home – but it’s too early in the morning for something that intense.

So you’re going to have to wait.


In the meantime, I started uploading some photos to Facebook, and I think that it’s open enough that even if we aren’t friends you should be able to see them.

Until next time


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