Nikki is not a rural person – even in Great Britian

Pictures make blog posts more fun. But I was too lazy to resample this one – so sorry if it loads slowly.

I’m in Wochester (pronounced Wo-ster) for the long weekend. It’s a considerably smaller city with quite a bit of history. I’m staying with an older woman and another girl in my program. We’ve been here since Friday, and we’ve toured the city, went to see a historic church with an organ that Handel played, caught up on sleep and had a bit of homemade food, but I’m ready to get back to the city.

Also, I have allergies out here, but not in London. Damn greenery.

The countryside is beautiful. I have some pictures that I’ll be uploading to Facebook soon. That seems to be the easier method for sharing them. I’ll keep everything open, and there should be a link to my page always under the about section. But they’re not up now and might not be up until after I get back to London.

The transition to the UK seems to be going well. I’m already thinking certain phrases in a British accent, and by the time I get home, I’ll probably have picked up a good number of the words.

The most surprising thing, and probably the most exciting, is that Brits (especially British guys) love American girls/American accents. We went out in Wochester last night with a British girl and she told us that they think the British accent is ugly and they would all probably pay more attention in class if their teachers had American accents. So needless to say – I’m going to milk this for all it’s worth here.

Apparently I don’t look like an American though (when I’m not carrying my big camera around), which is perhaps a good thing. When you are out at nights, its fun to meet Brits and ask them if they knew that you were an American before you opened your mouth. My other favourite thing is to ask them to do a fake American accent. Hilarious.

(Looking like an American entails things like running shoes, cargo shorts, crappy t-shirts, being fat, all the stereotypical things. So I’m trying to avoid that.)

My UCL international student orientation/registration for classes starts when I get back on Tuesday, but it doesn’t seem like it will eat up nearly as much time as the Arcadia one, so hopefully I’ll be able to still sleep and do more British things and meet more British people. The Americans who live in my building are great, and I’m sure that we’ll do tons together (and most are from Northwestern so I’ll be able to see them at home) but I’m in this country to meet the locals!

Ugh, I feel like I’m rambling now, but I still feel like I’m not filling you in on everything yet – there’s so much! But the lady I’m staying with is working on dinner.

So until next time,



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