Nikki is not good at blogging.

This is butter and sideways (because I’m too lazy to fix it) alcohol. AKA the two most important staples of a British diet.

I’m blogging to apologize for failing at blogging. The past week or so has been a bit of just getting adjusted to the idea of living here, just living everyday life. I’ve wandered around. I’ve met new people (not so much Brits, unfortunately). I’ve completed an ale trail (champ). I’ve cooked two real meals for the Gower Street family (chef). And I haven’t gotten anything done.

Class finally started this week. (That’s right, 3 weeks without an responsibility.) And while it was fun, the free time was starting to get hard. I need to have things that I need to do, and literally, I had nothing that I needed to do.

Right. About class. I’m taking 4 different classes.

-Renaissance Art in London (taught in all the museums.)
-InterAmerican Relations in the 20th Century (9AM)
-History of Political Theory (9:30AM)
-Marx and History (9AM on Fridays)

I’m obviously really excited about the timing of these. (And those of you who want to bitch about me taking the last one, deal with it.)

I apologize for the lack of coherency here.


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